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Hello all! Yoogain has been working hard learning Sponge and setting up the Resonant Rise 4 server for play. It is online and whitelisted right now while he is running through plugins and permissions to make sure it is ready for play. We should have it online sometime this week!

Update: The RR4 server is public and unwhitelisted. See you all soon! :D

[Member] The_Majestic Maybe i'll come play again!
[Mod] foxxmike11 thanks yoogain :d

Hey guys! Sorry about not having the updated servers out yet and for me being MIA--I was away from my computer for all of Spring Break, I have been sick frequently, busy with several college projects and studying for exams, and my friends won't leave me alone lately. I know these are all excuses and they don't mean much to you, but I thought that you should know anyways. I am going to be busy this week but should have some free time this weekend. My goal is to push out the RR4 server update by the end of this weekend so that you guys can start playing it. More info on this will come later this week. Thank you all for being so patient with me!!!

Much love,


Update 04/03/2017: I cannot use KCauldron for RR4, as there is not a 1.10.2 version out for it. I will have to use something like SpongeForge, which I have no idea of how to use. This will take longer than anticipated and I do not have much time right now.

[Member] pvalente Yes, school first... But i'll be were when rr4 comesd out :)
[God] saelrin No worries here. real life comes before games. Glad you are still thinking about the update though, its one of the reas...

Hey guys! I just finished setting up the 7 Days to Die server. The IP is and the port is 26900. I hope to see you on there soon!

If you don't have the game yet, it's on sale for 60% off ($10 USD) this weekend on Steam! Get it while you can!

[Member] StarGreen Good times, love 7D2D, me and TGUK9 already playing on it :d

Hello everyone! I have decided that we will be rebooting the 7 Days to Die server and updating from RR3 to RR4. Starting the 7 Days to Die server back up shouldn't take me long at all and I hope to get it done early this weekend. Updating from RR3 to RR4 will take longer, due to the change from Minecraft version 1.7.10 to 1.10. I hope to complete this update in the coming week. I apologize for my absence from the server lately and hope to eventually bring The Enderverse back to what it was.

Update: 7 Days to Die is on sale on Steam right now for 60% off ($10 USD)! If you would like to play on the server that we will be putting up for it, I recommend buying it now while it is at such a good price. The game is more than worth it--it's so much fun to play!

See you soon and have a great weekend!

[Member] Boomer779 Swordsyke Any chance we can get a world map download for RR3
[Member] goldiron Im with Nikia_ , id like to see more with sky factory. I'm really enjoying playing it, and learning new ways to d...
[Member] Mapleflower This is exciting news!

Hello everyone. It's been a while. I've had a lot of things going on in my life lately and I apologize for my lack of involvement on the server. I want to keep The Enderverse online and provide a place for people to play games, but it just looks like either not that many people are interested in playing Minecraft anymore or we are doing something wrong here. I have a couple of important questions to ask you all. What do you want to play? What do you think we should do to keep The Enderverse alive? All input is welcome.

Thank you and have a wonderful day!

[Member] Boomer779 We are just out of date in may opinion and or not advertising enough. We need to keep the RR3 server we have now and se...
[Member] ZaneMahanYT im not joining yet, im downloading it now, but i think it seems fun! so i want you guys to keep it up! :d
[God] Nikia_ New modpacks need to be checked for popularity prior to being launched. Variable voting rewards are needed, and more of ...

Hello everyone! The SkyFactory 2.5 server is up and available for play! We are using version 2.5.6 on the Curse Launcher. The IP to connect is or if that does not work. See you all soon and happy New Year!

Have fun!

Admin comment:

Chisel is a Connected Texture and causes TPS Loss, so please use it sparingly or place it in a Carpenters block to disconnect it, help keep the server lag free, thanks.

This is just a short announcement linking the forum post concerning ideas for the second modpack.

Have an amazing Thanksgiving Break and I hope to see you all soon!

[Member] TheRedInventor I have some ideas about a modpack to do a server on but depends on what kind of modpack you looking for.
[Legend] BobSpazoid Thank, hope you have a good Thanksgiving as well.

Hello everyone! I know it's been a very long time since one of these happened, but I felt it was time to celebrate once again! Over the past few weeks we have been growing rapidly and I couldn't be more excited for what our future looks like if we continue to do so. We have just recently passed the milestone of 700 registered users on the website—a goal I didn't even think would happen when I put up the server a bit over a year ago. While not all of those users are currently active, it's amazing to think that so many people have been a part of our community. We have also been blessed to have several strong pillars of our community working in our staff team—I couldn't ask for better ones. Over this weekend, starting Friday and ending Monday, there will be a 20% off sale on all EP packages in the donation store! After seeing what we've been able to accomplish so far, I'm curious to see what we can accomplish in the future if we think together as a community and work towards our goals.

I hope to see / talk with you all soon!

[Owner] Swordsyke a The EP packages in the donation store will all cost 20% less.
[Legend] BobSpazoid Sword, will this be a sale making donations give more EP or making the ranks cost 20% less EP?

The RR3 server has been updated to and the world has been reset. The in-game configuration will be finished by Saturday and the server will be unwhitelisted. RR3 players will be able to play again starting this weekend! As always, I hope to see you all soon!

The RR3 server is unwhitelisted! If you need the share code, here it is: CAijRCRm I hope to see you all soon!